Sunday, September 13, 2009


It's fall again and many people are getting in the swing of "back to school" and exciting football season... Extracurricular activities are becoming the focus of many families and for those without children or who are older, this begins the nesting time, preparing for an uncertain winter season... Well, as it stands, there are NUMEROUS businesses that are in process as well, and some find themselves losing momentum at this critical time, when building business is a vital part of its survival. This word : MOMENTUM, is the driving force behind any business venture and must be paid close attention. It's always better to coast along with the force of momentum than to come to a screaching hault and expect to start all over again. If you're anything like me, that's very difficult to do, because it takes a significant amount of focus and determination, not to mention more TIME to come back... and didn't we get into our business as a solution to that and other struggles? Well, chew on that for a while, and hopefully we will maintain MOMENTUM that carries us successfully through the winter months and right back into a blossoming and productive new season. 'Til our next discussion....

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